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Company history & THE TEAM

Everything Exterior began providing full-service yard maintenance (aka. lawn mowing, lawn care, yard care) in Cedar City and Enoch in 2012. Since then our team has improved, our systems and procedures have been perfected, and we can easily and honestly say that we are Cedar City’s best lawn mowing company. Our quality lawn care cannot be beat. We are also Cedar’s best window cleaning company. If you need excellent yard care, professional window cleaning (residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning), or custom Christmas light installation you have found the right company.

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“I’ve used Everything Exterior for the past year from cleaning windows to taking care of the lawn. I love that they go the extra mile in making sure that every task is completed with top quality. They do a fantastic job and they are reasonably priced. I’m planning on using them in the future for hanging up Christmas lights.”  
      -Lisa Blodgett


“I love love love my experience with Everything Exterior They have hung my Christmas light the last 2 years, they fix all timers and any problems throughout the season. I don’t have do anything. Thanks for the great service.”
       -Debbie Johnson


“I have been impressed with everything they have done for my yard. I love having clean windows.”
       -Kris Cooley


“Everything Exterior consistently does a great job and they are very professional to work with.”
       -CJ Hanson


We didn’t become Cedar City’s premier lawn mowing provider by chance. Our company is different than any other company. Our goal is not to provide the best lawn care service, the brightest window cleaning, or the straightest Christmas light displays. Those things happen as a result of our goal which is to better ourselves and those around us everyday. Everything Exterior is a family composed of the highest caliber of individuals. We don’t work to get a paycheck. We live each day with a purpose and try to do better today than we did yesterday. Over time, those efforts have added up. We have read books, gone to conferences, participated in classes, earned college degrees, performed our own experiments, invested in technology, challenged the status quo, attended expos, taken government offered classes and courses, read textbooks, undergone audits, and have listened to podcasts. When we say we have experience, we mean it. We have measured it, changed it, measured it again, improved it, measured a third time and have perfected it. Everything exterior provides the best yard maintenance because of the quality of individuals that make up the Everything Exterior family. Having the best technology, systems, equipment, vehicles, etc. also helps us be Cedar City’s top rated window cleaning company.