Employment Opportunities

Stephen Vogel (2012-2016)

Window Washer
Christmas Light Installs
Snow Removal

“I worked for Everything Exterior for four years while I was going to SUU and it worked out perfectly with my school schedule. I worked full-time during the summers and part-time while going to school full-time. Brent, our boss, was great at allowing us to work during times that did not conflict with our school schedules. I also made some very good friends while working for Everything Exterior. Not only did we work hard, but we enjoyed one another’s company as well. I’d recommend working for Everything Exterior It’s a great company to work for.”

Miah Smith (2012)

Window Washer

“Everything Exterior was a great place to work at. I washed windows for them, and occasionally did yard work as well. If I ever needed a day off for whatever reason I got it, they were very understanding. The hours were consistent, I never had to worry if there would be enough work in the day for us. It was great to know they were watching out for us!”

Cameron Chappell (2014-2016)

Lawn Crew Leader

“Working with Everything Exterior has been awesome! The people I’ve worked with have always been really friendly and I’ve never felt like scheduling around school, family stuff, and whatever else has ever been difficult. It’s been just an all-around great summer job for me and several of my firends have begun working with us and they have enjoyed it as well. The pay is awesome, and it helps make some of those tougher days (it can be hard work sometimes) more than bearable. In summary, great guys, flexible scheduling, and awesome pay – it’s great working with Everything Exterior”

Luke Shettell (2015)

Sales Manager

“I really enjoyed selling for everything exterior because I knew the service was amazing and I didn’t have to worry about customers getting mad about bad service. I was able to assure the customer that their windows would get clean one way or another and at a great price.”

Luke Miller (2015)

Lawn Crew Leader
Christmas Light Installer

“Working with Everything Exterior has been a wonderful experience. Everyone is so patient and really good to work with. I know you won’t regret anything with their service they are just amazing. I recommend them to all.”

Shaylie Jones (2013)

Office Manager

“I had a great experience working with Everything Exterior! During my employment I was exposed to working with many other great employees who were a wonderful example of hard work and dedication. I developed various skills that I have continued to use. More specifically, it was a perfect opportunity for me to develop my interpersonal skills which I will use for the rest of my life.”

How​ much can I make?

How much would you like to make?

Through years of experience we have developed a pay plan that pays you according to your efforts and execution in training, learning, and performing the work. New hires currently start at $9/hour for the paperwork and 20 hour training period. Following this period an employee moves to what we call “percentage pay”. In short, this means that you are paid per job. The faster and more efficient you work the more you will make per hour. We invest a great deal in training and in helping you to succeed because that is exactly how we succeed. Percentages can increase with experience, completing position advacements, or by being promoted within the company. We’ve seen guys make over $20/hour!

Are there benefit or bonus posibilities?

Yes there are! Health benefits are an option to full time employees. (Must be full time year round, summer only does not qualify.) Other benefits can include paid holidays and paid time off. We also offer various bonuses for performance related duties.

Just fill out the box below and click submit. We will respond by e-mailing you an application and requesting your resume. We keep all resumes and applications on file as we hire as needed. Our biggest hiring seasons are spring and fall. We offer full time positions as well as part time positions that are great for SUU students.

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