Lawn Trimming & Edging

Trimming and edging is propably the area of lawn care that most separtes the pros from the average Joes. Many people do not even know there is a difference between (string) trimming and edging. A string trimmer: spins plastic strings in a horizontal pattern. This is properly used to trim grass along fences, walls, houses, or obstacles where a mower can’t reach. Often a string trimmer will be tilted, turned, or manuevered and try and do the work of a stragiht edger. Using a string trimmer as an edger never looks as good yet even many professional companies do it because it is fast and easy. A straight edger: spins a metal blade vertically. They are generally expensive and require more training as they can do more damage than plastic strings. Straight edgers can be on a four wheeled unit or attached to a stick on a single wheel for faster jobs.

Straight Edger

String Trimmer

How are we different than our competition?

We straight edge at every visit for no extra cost.
(Many companies do it every other visit or charge extra.)

We use the best equipment on the market.
(Not only the best brand, Stihl, but the most expensive and most powerful models because frankly they just do a better job.)

We train employees on 9 string trimming and 4 straight edging situations.
(Other companies do one of each.)

We have an in-house course we specifically built to train, practice, critique and improve so we are always getting better and faster.
(Our job looks better and we can do it faster, which = cheaper for you.)

Before and Afters