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Cedar City, Utah

Residential window cleaning serving Cedar City and Southern Utah

We are Iron County’s premier window cleaning service and have been since 2012. We encourage you to see what our clients say about us by checking out our reviews on Google and Facebook. You won’t find a better value in all Cedar City Or Southern Utah.

We hire the best employees and they are trained meticulously. We use the best products available on the market, ranging from hand tools, to water purification systems, to the soaps/agents in our cleaning solutions. Your windows will stay spotless longer, thanks to the additives we use to prevent particles from adhering to the glass, even when it rains. 

We offer a wide array of residential window washing services, allowing you to pick exactly what you would like. We offer one-time custom services, annual full-service plans, and everything in between. All bids are free; all you have to do is request a free window cleaning quote. Window washing estimates are returned via email within 24 hours, itemizing all options and pricing.

Exterior Window Washing

Professional exterior window cleaning will brighten up and revitalize your home. It will also protect the glass in your windows, preventing the buildup of dirt, grime, and minerals which can damage the glass over time if not removed. Whether the window is at ground level, 8 feet deep in a window well, or 40 feet high, we will make it shine. While we do use rags for cleaning the edges and sills, the glass is washed with professional wands and squeegees, and our unique blend of cleaning agents. With Cedar City’s crazy wind and weather, most clients have us scheduled for 3 or 4 visits per year. Prices vary, based on number and size of windows, as well as height and difficulty of reach. Fill out the estimate request form here to have a quote emailed to you within 24 hours.

Interior Window Washing

Interior window cleaning isn’t just the icing on the cake, it is what will truly change your window washing experience. A window cleaning service only looks as good as the dirtiest side of the window. Although the interior doesn’t get as dirty as the exterior, no job is complete without it, especially if there are little hands in the house. Interior cleanings can include just the glass, or add-on services, such as track and sill cleaning. As a side note, we always remove our shoes or wear shoe covers while inside your home.

Do It Yourself | Professional

Screen Cleaning

Screens are removed during window washing. During this time, we will run the screens through our top-of-the-line screen cleaner to remove any dirt, webs, or other unwanted materials. We will dry the screen, wipe down the frames, clean out any dead bugs and dirt from the exterior track, and insert your screen back into place. Screen cleaning is $2/screen when included with a window cleaning service. We include an annual screen cleaning for free in our 3x/year package.

Track & Sill Cleaning

Windows that open are never 100% airtight. Over time, dust and moisture accumulate in the tracks, especially in the tracks of horizontal sliding windows. Often, dead flies and bugs collect in window tracks as well. We start the cleaning by using small brushes and hand tools to loosen up the debris. Then we vacuum and wipe out the track. Once tracks are clean, we will vacuum and wipe out the sill. Interior track and sill cleaning can be included for $3/track.

A window track is the bottom section of the windowpane. In horizontal sliding windows, the window track is the section where the window slides back and forth. In vertical sliding windows, the track is still the area located at the bottom of the window frame.

A windowsill, also called a window ledge, is the horizontal piece below the window in mason or wood framed construction that resembles a shelf.

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Hard Water Treatment

Cedar City has extremely “hard” water. This means there are high concentrations of minerals in the water. Most of the hard water buildup that we see is caused by overspray of sprinklers, but mineral buildup can occur in other ways as well. Over time, these minerals can etch the glass and cause permanent damage. We have various techniques, tools, and substances to aid in the removal of hard water. It can be a very time-consuming and laborious service, and is therefore often expensive. It is quoted on a case-by-case basis, and in many cases, it is not 100% removeable as the glass has been physically altered. We are also able to diagnose causes and help prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

It is important not to confuse hard water buildup on the exterior of the glass with a broken seal. A broken seal occurs when the airtight barrier between the panes of glass in a window is broken and moisture gets trapped between the two sheets of glass. At a glance, a broken seal can look like hard water buildup, as the glass becomes opaque, but with a careful examination the difference can be noted.

Jennifer O., an Everything Exterior client, says, “Prompt, pleasant folks who provide excellent service. I had severe hard water deposits on several basement windows and they removed it all! Amazing!”

Gutter Cleanouts

Dirty gutters can’t be seen from the ground, so why worry about them? Clogged gutters fill with ice in the winter. The extra weight causes the gutter to pull away from the house. Over time, the gutters bend, crack, leak, or don’t drain properly. It doesn’t just look bad; damaged gutters can lead to flooding or settling issues with your home’s foundation. Gutters should be cleaned out at least once a year to ensure proper function. We offer rain gutter cleanouts as an add-on item to a window cleaning service, but we do not offer rain gutter cleaning as a stand-alone service.